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Our Hosts

Our Hosts

Melissa Plaskoff


Melissa Waldman Plaskoff has been a teacher, realtor, employee benefits advisor, non-profit founder and a mom…after sitting in two different carpool lines for her two oldest children, she decided enough was enough.

After sweating in the car in the Texas heat and being miserable, there HAD to be a way to connect with other parents and the carpool community who were going through the same horrible experience. Listening to Howard Stern each day was fun, but once Melissa was caught up on the show, she wanted to hear more, learn more and laugh more!

Research shows when you laugh for 15 seconds straight, you add two days to your life span! Why not enjoy the line and make it a bright part of your day?!

Melissa and her husband, Bart live in Dallas, TX with their three children, Hudson age 11, Parker age 9 and Annabelle age 3.

Kevin Ebeling


Kevin Ebeling is the producer of Carpool Talk Show.

Kevin works as the Director of Audio Production for a Digital Media company in Dallas, as well as a DJ, Producer and Host for iHeartMedia.

Kevin also hosts his own show, The Status Bro, a program dedicated to discussing a variety of guy-centric topics.

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