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Oil and Vinegar DO mix!

Safety and your VIP

More ALIVE than EVER!

The Reality of Being Seventeen…

Hypnotized By Hypnosis

Women In Sports = Fiscal or Physical?

You Are Living Under A Rock If You Think Autism Doesn’t Affect YOU!

Laughing All The¬†Way…

Weighing In On Bullying

Inside Look At Shrek The Musical, Jr

Confessions of a Mommy Makeover

It’s OK to Flirt in 2017!

OBGYN 101 and Vagina Talk

Squatty Party

Fake Butts and Babysitters

Gifts, Gabs and Gobble

Don’t Ruffle My Feathers

Thanksgiving UNPLUGGED

Trolls and Vampires…Movies and Facials!

Candice Romo AND a BIG Announcement

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Peticolas and Bubbl

Insta Therapy

Carpool Cooking LIVE with Chef Kent Rathbun

Organize Your Car and Your Mind

Where Did I Come From, Vintage Jewels and Boost Your Brand

Back to School…finally some ME time!

Charged Up for Kids Cooking!

A Tasty, Clean, Social Media Lesson

Spice it up with Spice of Life!

Looking Good in the Goods from Around the World!

Ruthies is Texas Strong!

LIVE from Dr. Vasectomy

Podcast Imposter Syndrome

Movies, Parties and Summer…Oh My!

Time to Lock up the Trunk

Vitamins for Change

Finding your Soul after 40, Finding Strength in Healing

Mompreneur and the Billion Dollar Man

Our Fave 2016 Moments & We’ve Gone International!

That’s Inappropriate, Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Launch your Biz and Travel Like a Celeb

Spring Intern, Spa Etiquette and Spring Tan

Vasectomy FAIL, Exercise is a MUST, Penelope House Project

Flutes and Bladders

Live Radio, Live Divorce Talk and Live Music with Tippy Balady

Where is Pidge in this Purely, Lovely Living World?!

The Rage of Rage Yoga and Sneakguard!

Kids say CRAZY things, Sandwich Generation, Competitive Mommy Friends

Swimming with Chickens

The BreakWomb, Bye Bye Bloating, Bad Piece of Food on a Date!

The Big D, Community in Blogging, Kevin E’s Vacay Recap

Popcorn, THE Juicer, SAT Prep and Veux!

Blog Therapy

Cocktails and Camping…The Perfect Combo!

“The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka, Vday Gifts, Sugar should be Sweet!

Safe Conversations

PDA, Bedroom Pleasure and Front Door Fashion

Vasectomy Recap plus Putting yourself FIRST!

Balance – from Life to Work and Hair!

Vasectomy Time, Costa Rica and Travel Tips

Mommy/Life/Work Balance…Menopause or Just Exhaustion?!

Fashion over 40, Guys Trips/Girls Trips

Choose, Flowers and Mood

Public or Private School, Carbs and Kids

Daddy in Carpool Line, Birds and the Bees

Vacation Talk, Your Family Brand

Finances and Friends, Reinventing Yourself

Helicopter Parents in Sports, Technology and Kids

Vagina Talk, Picky Eaters