The Carpool Talk Show | Segments
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Our Segments

Carpool Piggy Bank – “MOM! Can you buy me this…NOW!!?” Money talk about kids wants and needs AND saving tips so mama CAN purchase that new pair of shoes!
Carpool Advice – ALL the current hot topics, driving drama, meltdowns and more! Experts will tell us how to spice it up with your spouse, what to do when a friend owes you money, how to travel without tears, family and friend dynamics and MORE all while you are doing your kegel exercises?! Trust us, you need to do them!
Not Your Granny’s Granny – The old grandma is OUT. The days of Granny’s needlepointing in a rocking chair are OVER! Today’s grandparent is HIP and more ACTIVE in your kids lives than ever. This conversation features activities and wisdom from the grandparent perspective.
Carpool Kids – WE LOVE OUR CARPOOL KIDS. Hear from our very own kiddos who share their thoughts from the backseat.
Carpool Fitness – NO MORE EXCUSES!! Just kidding. We encourage you to TAKE time for YOU! Sitting in the carpool line is the perfect time to target small muscles which will provide an energy boost so you can be a SUPER mom for the rest of the day!
Carpool Fashion – Juuust because you are IN the carpool line DOESN’T mean you have to LOOK like you rolled out of bed or ran off the treadmill! The latest trends in our “carpool fashion line” will help you look like the hottest mama in line!
Carpool Dining – Dining Decisions 101 while waiting in the carpool line.. from the grocery store to kid friendly restaurants..we gotcha covered!
Carpool Snack Time – Your after school snack segment is where we ambush the carpool line with fun giveaways and the afternoon snack YOU deserve!
Carpool Kids – Our carpool kids like to join in on the fun and share their insight from the backseat in the carpool line